Erdogan's regime steals olive crop and oil of Syria's Afrin

The Turkish regime and its mercenaries from the terrorist groups in Syria have seized by force the olive crop in the Syrian city of Afrin and its vicinity in Aleppo northern countryside, stole the olive oil and exported it to American markets.

The olive oil has been transferred from Afrin to Turkey where it was prepared for exportation by Turkish government-run companies.

According to a report published by the Turkish Zeman Newspaper on Friday, some representatives of a Turkish agricultural commission travelled recently to the United States to market 90,000 tons of stolen Syrian olive oil and to sell it as a Turkish production.

Local sources told The Turkish newspaper that the Turkish-backed terrorist groups seized thousands of olive trees in Afrin after expelling most of the farmers and forcing others to send the olive crop to certain olive oil mills to produce oil and then send it to Turkey.

The sources clarified that in 2018, the Turkish regime opened a border crossing adjacent to the Turkish-occupied Afrin city in order to directly transfer the stolen olive oil from the Syrian territories to the Turkish side.

 Hamda Mustafa