Ambassador Ala: Clearing the Syrian territories from landmines requires serious international cooperation away from politicization and selectivity

Geneva (ST): Syria has renewed demands not to politicize the file of clearing the Syrian territories from the landmines planted by terrorist groups  stressing that the success of the efforts being exerted in this regard require serious international cooperation in coordination with the Syrian government and lifting the unilateral coercive measures.

Syria’s permanent representative to the UN Office and International Organizations based in Geneva Hussam Eddin Ala said in a statement during the 18th meeting of  states members of the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Treaty,  in which Syria takes part as an observer, that the success of the efforts being exerted to clear the Syrian territories from the landmines planted by the terrorist groups and helping their victims requires  ensuring serious international support in coordination with the Syrian government, availing financial and technical resources away from politicizing and selectivity, lifting the unilateral coercive measures and supporting Syria’s efforts in combatting terrorism. 

Ala referred to the dangers resulting from terrorist groups’ use of various kinds of landmines and explosives, some of which are manufactured and others obtained from the states supporting their terrorist acts on the Syrian territories which constitute a source of threat to people’s life, especially children. 

Ambassador Ala reviewed the efforts being exerted by the Syrian government and the work plan put in cooperation with the UN to clear landmines, referring to the obstacles hindering this plan, particularly the unilateral coercive measures that result in poor financial and technical resources.

 The Syrian diplomat concluded saying that the illegitimate foreign existence on parts of the Syrian territories, the use of landmines and explosive charges by the terrorists there and the Israeli occupation of the Syrian Golan hinder the process of defusing landmines planted on the Syrian territories.