Al-Jaafari: US and EU continue their economic terrorism against Syria

Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Bashar al-Jaafari has asserted that the Turkish regime presses ahead with its occupation of wide areas in north Syria ,forced displacement of people and with its plundering of Syrian wealth and natural resources. 
" The crimes of the Turkish regime will never change the status quo -that they are occupiers of Syrian territories  nor can they detract from  Syria’s sovereignty or its legal rights," he said during a session held on Tuesday at the Security council through video.
Al-Jaafari added that Erdogan’s regime has expanded  the space of its military interferences and horrible crimes in addition to its support to  terrorism to exceed other states in the area,  and this poses  a threat to the international peace and security.
He stressed that US Administration and EU continue their economic terrorism against Syria through imposing coercive and unilateral measures on the people of Syria.
Basma Qaddour