Turkish occupation forces artillery pounds town in Syria

RAQQA, (ST)_Turkish regime's artillery pounds a Qaz'ali town in the northern countryside of Raqqa, according to local sources.
The sources said that several artillery shells, which were fired by Turkish regime's forces and terrorist mercenaries, landed in the vicinity of Qaz'ali town in Tal Abyad area near the Turkish border, causing material damages.
Yesterday, the Turkish occupation forces and terrorist groups fired shells on two the  towns of Nwihati and Qaber Khedrawi and on the vicinity of Abo Raseen town to the east of Ras Al-Ayn city in the northwestern countryside of Hasaka.
Since the beginning of the Turkish occupation of the Syrian territories, the Turkish troops and their mercenary terrorists have seized hundreds of houses, displaced their dwellers and replaced them with terrorists and their families in an attempt to impose a demographic change in the region.
Basma Qaddour