A mass gathering in Aleppo to denounce the Turkish intervention in the Karabakh region

Aleppo, (ST) - Dozens of people from Aleppo governorate gathered today in Azizia Square in Medina, denouncing the Turkish intervention in the conflict in the Karabakh region between Armenia and Azerbaijan and calling for an end to the fighting there.

Engineer Vera Thomas, secretary of the Syrian Youth Cultural Club, confirmed that the aim of the gathering is to denounce the Turkish intervention that creates problems and incites bloodshed and the need for the Erdogan regime to stop sending terrorists and weapons and stoking the fire of sedition in more than one place in the world.

Bishop Boutros Marayati, head of the Armenian Catholic community in Aleppo and its affiliates, made it clear that the stand aims at solidarity with the Armenian people and calls for dialogue and understanding and for peace to prevail throughout the world. The priest Abdullah Homsi, pastor of the Evangelical Union Church in Aleppo, indicated that the gathering includes all the Syrian sects that stand against the ambitions of Erdogan's Ottoman regime and his crimes against humanity.

A number of participants in the stand expressed their denunciation of the Turkish intervention in the ongoing fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan and the attempts to inflame the conflict which lie in the interest of the Ottoman plan, as George Sadourian said that, “today we are demonstrating to show the cohesion of the Syrian national fabric in fighting Turkish terrorism and defending history and human rights.”

The Father Antoine Tahan of the Armenian Catholic Church stressed the need to preserve the unity of the homeland and to stand against any occupation or foreign interference in Syria and Armenia.

Raghda Sawas