After a power cut, re- suppling the AloukWaterStation in Al-Hasakah with electricity

On October 22, the General Electricity Company of Al-Hasakah was able to fix the malfunction of the electrical voltage cable which is supplying the Alouk Water Station, east of Ras Al-Ain, Hasakah, after it went out of service due to the Turkish occupation forces ’shelling on Abu Rasin.

The General Manager of Al-Hasakah Electricity Company, Eng. Anwar Al-Akla, said that the workshops were able to fix the cable which links Alouk Water Station and the village of Al-Asadiya in Ras Al-Ain countryside.


For his part, the Director of Al-Hasakah Water Corporation, Eng. Mahmoud Okla, said that 17 water  wells are currently working and pumping water to  Al-Hama Station to completely  feed the neighborhoods of Al-Hasakah city with drinking water.

On October 21, the Turkish occupation forces and its terrorist organizations attacked the town of Abu Rasin which led to  electricity supply cuts  to the AloukWater Station.


O. al-Mohammad