People’s Assembly discusses tourism related issues

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The People’s Assembly (PA) on Tuesday held a session to discuss the performance of the  Ministry of Tourism.

Tourism Minister Mohammad Rami Martini said during the session that the ministry has managed to sign 10 investment contracts worth a thousand billion Syrian pounds (SYP) in Damascus, Aleppo, Lattakia and Tartous. 

These contracts are expected to create more than 2500 job opportunities, he added, pointing out that the ministry’s investment budget for this year amounts to SYP2.24 billion.

The number of tourist facilities, which were damaged and forcibly closed as a result of terrorism and which have returned to service, reached 37 with a cost of 148 billion pounds, according to Martini. That the number of the new facilities that have been put to service has reached 313 with an investment cost of SYP412 billion, he made it clear.

 Some PA members called for providing more care to popular, internal, religious and medical tourism, to supporting tourism directorates with sufficient budget, mechanisms and cadres, to reviving heritage festivals and popular markets and to controlling prices.

Hamda Mustafa