"Qasad militia" kidnaps more civilians in al-Jazeera area

Hasaka,(ST)- US occupation backed "Qasad militia" continued its kidnapping operations against the civilians to put pressure on the locals of the Syrian al-Jazeera area as the militia kidnapped on Sunday a number of youths after storming into their houses in al-Nashwa neighborhood in Hasaka city.

Local sources told SANA reporter that armed patrols affiliated to "Qasad militia" stormed into a number of houses at al-Nashwa al-Gharbiya neighborhood, southwest of downtown of Hasaka city and kidnapped three youths for unknown reasons amid a state of discontent among the locals.

Yesterday, the militia kidnapped a number of young men in the Shaddadi area in the southern countryside of Hasaka, from their market and forced them to fight in its ranks.

In the context of widespread crime and chaos in the areas where the "Qasad militia" and the armed groups are deployed, local sources told the correspondent that unknown assailants attacked two women during the day with the intention of stealing their personal bags. A civilian was also killed by the bullets of one of the thieves who broke into his house.

In the areas controlled by the "Qasad militia", a state of chaos ,robbery and looting prevails due to poor public life as a result of the monopolization and control of the separatist militia supported by the American occupation forces over all ways and sources of income and life, especially agriculture. These militias result  to revenge against the farmers by burning their agricultural crops for their refusal to sell their crops at low prices. Taxes are imposed on the local population, and most schools and public facilities are occupied by force in Hasaka, threatening the fate of entire generations in terms of education, health, and other things.

Haifaa Mafalani