“Qasd” militia continues to press hard on civilians and kidnaps two young men from Tal Hamis district of Hasaka

The "Qasd militia", linked to the American aggressive plot in the region, continued its attacks on civilians and its harassment of them. Today, they stormed a village in Tal Hamis district and kidnapped two of its locals and took them to an unknown destination.

Local sources reported to SANA that armed groups affiliated with "Qasd militia" barricaded the village of Al-Hasaywa, affiliated to Tal Hamis district in the eastern countryside of Hasaka, stormed a house there and kidnapped two young men and took them to an unknown destination.

Groups of militia gunmen carry out systematic kidnapping campaigns targeting civilians in the areas in which they are deployed to force them to carry weapons and fight in their ranks, as they kidnapped a number of young men on Saturday in the city of Raqqa.

The sources reported that the "Qasd" militia launched a campaign of arrests in the sixth section of Al-Hol camp, east of Al-Hasakah, in search of weapons and ammunition, in light of the high rate of killings in the camp.This is not the first time that patrols of the militia search the camp’s sections without success.

Al-Hol camp, which is controlled by the "Qasd militia" with the support of the American occupation, is witnessing acts of violence, chaos, and  road closures among its sections, in protest against the militia's actions towards its residents who live in tragic conditions that threaten a humanitarian catastrophe in light of the severe shortage of life requirements in terms of water, medicine,  security and others.


Inas Abdualkreem