Member of QASD militia killed, others wounded in Deir Ezzour Countryside

Deir Ezzour (ST): A member of QASD militia, backed by US occupation forces, was killed and others injured in an attack by unknown attackers against their positions and axes of movement in Deir Ezzour countryside.

Local sources told a news reporter that a militant of QASD militia was killed this morning in an attack by unknown attackers targeting a vehicle in al-Hejnah village, northeast of Deir Ezzour.

The sources added that an explosive device, which was planted by unknown persons earlier, detonated in a vehicle belonging to QASD militia in Diban town, east of Deir Ezzour, causing injuries among members of QSD militia.

Yesterday, two members of QASD militia were killed as a result of an attack launched by unknown persons with machine guns on a vehicle carrying a number of QASD militia members near al-Jerzi village in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzour.