9 students wounded in a mine blast in Damascus countryside

At least 9 students  were wounded when a mine- left behind by terrorist groups- detonated in Bet Jen town in Qatana area in the southwestern countryside of Damascus. 
A source at the police command said that the mine exploded as the students were crossing the road that links Bet Jen town and the farm of Bet Jen. 
"The wounded students were conveyed to the hospital of Khan Arnabeh town," the source added. 
Two out of the wounded students, Narjes Okasheh and Hozayfah Hamadeh, both 14-years old, who were conveyed to al-Mojtahed Hospital in Damascus said: "We heard a sound of explosion when we left the school, then we felt pain and found ourselves on the ground." 
The two pupils suffer from fractures.
Basma Qaddour