Syria strongly supports China's Global Initiative on Data Security

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Syria has voiced its strong support for China's Global Initiative on Data Security, a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said on Saturday.

The statement added that in the light of the information revolution and digital economy, the Syrian Arab Republic strongly backs the new Chinese initiative in order to maintain data security and stable information supply chain and to enhance the advancement of digital economy to serve socio-economic development in the world. Syria also supports the initiative with the purpose of confronting pressure and harassment against foreign companies and preventing digital protectionism practiced under the pretext of protecting national security.

The statement added that "This initiative will maintain an open, secure and stable international supply chain and it will reject destroying the core infrastructure of Information technology and oppose misusing information technology in illegal practices such as data theft as well as unauthorized access to personal data, the statement added. The initiative will not allow accessing the data from overseas, whether by companies or individuals without the permission of the host country, the ministry's statement pointed out.

 The statement affirmed that the Chinese initiative on data security is a step forward by Beijing towards a new world where equality of opportunities, justice, freedom, respect and protection of countries and ideas prevail.

According to the statement, the initiative deserves the support of all countries which are keen on the security of global data and the development of the digital economy in the service all countries of the world, especially the developing countries.

Hamda Mustafa