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Syria renews support for Belarus President and criticizes using UN Human Rights Council to interfere in states’ internal affairs

Geneva (ST): The Syrian Arab republic renewed its support for the Belarus President-elect Alexander Lukashenko and its confidence in the options of the Belarusian people and in the wisdom and capability of its political leadership.

In a statement made by Syria’s permanent representative at the UN office in Geneva, Hussam Eddin Ala during the UN Human Rights Council session held to discuss the situation in Belorussia, Syria criticized the Council’s exploitation of political pressure and interference in the internal affairs of states as well as threatening their sovereignty and stability.

Ala called on the Council to stop taking part in the political campaigns directed against elected legitimate governments.

The ambassador also denounced the EU’s attempts to use the UN Human Rights Council to influence the outcome of the Presidential elections in Belorussia and offer direct support for one political party because it represents a flagrant violation of international law and the jurisdiction of this Council and its double-standard policies.

Concluding his speech ambassador Ala warned against manipulation and politicizing of the Council’s sessions to induce violence in Belorussia and undermine the efforts exerted by the legitimate government to restore stability and social cohesion through the political initiatives it has announced.