Outstanding Syrian students at the secondary school certificate: Meeting Mrs. Al-Assad is motivation for more success and achievement

Damascus (ST): The outstanding Syrian students at the secondary school certificate, who were honored by Mrs. Asma’a al-Assad, affirmed that their meeting with Mrs. Al-Assad was a motivation for them to press ahead with their hard work and studies despite all challenges and difficult circumstances - so that they contribute to the building of their homeland.

Student al-Ayham Qara Ahmad, who got the full mark in the scientific branch, said, “ Our meeting with Mrs. Asma’a al-Assad was a wonderful dream I’ve dreamt of since the beginning of the academic year,” adding that Mrs. Asma’a expressed happiness and pride in our success and offered us a lot of advice so that we become an example to be followed by the forthcoming generations.

He added that obtaining the full mark was the fruit of persistent work and planning, referring to the crucial role played by the administrative and teaching staff in supporting students, especially in light of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and the precautionary measures taken to combat it.

Student Shahed al-Azbeh from Damascus Countryside, who has also got the full mark in the scientific branch said, “ We were honoured by meeting Mrs. Al-Assad who encouraged us to continue our university studies in the specialization we wish and love to achieve more accomplishments that open the way for us to contribute to the reconstruction of our homeland.

Student Ali Sulaiman Abdullah from Lattakia governorate, who has got the full mark in the scientific branch, said that the meeting with Mrs. Asma’a was a culmination of 12 years of study.

Student Maya Sha’aban, from Tartous Governorate, who has got the full mark in the scientific branch, expressed great pleasure for meeting the First Lady, noting that Mrs. Al-Assad’s speech was influential and motivating to contribute to building the homeland in various domains.

Student Sara Sa’adu Abu Louh from Sweida Governorate said that the honouring was a generous gesture that motivates us for more success and achievements.