Poisoning and suffocation of a number of children in Al-Hol camp, which is controlled by the "Qasad militia" in the countryside of Hasaka

Hasaka,(ST)-A number of children from Al-Hol camp in the eastern countryside of Hasakah were poisoned and suffocated after consuming doses of sleeping materials with the aim of  smuggling from the camp which is controlled by the "Qasad" militia, a militia supported by the American occupation forces.

Sources from inside the camp stated that more than 25 children suffered from suffocation and poisoning after consuming excessive doses of sleeping materials during the preparation process  for them to be smuggled through water tanks or wooden boxes outside Al-Hol camp, which is witnessing a state of continuous deterioration of the conditions of its residents, and an acute shortage of water and materials Food and unsanitary conditions have led to the spread of diseases among them, especially children, as recent days have witnessed many cases of diarrhea due to water pollution.

Washington is holding in Al-Hol camp through terrorist groups "Qasad" militia, tens of thousands of displaced Syrians in tragic conditions that threaten a humanitarian catastrophe in light of the severe shortage of survival requirements such as water, medicine, security and others.

Haifaa Mafalani