Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists destroy Tal Ghannam archeological site in Idleb Countryside to steal Syrian artifacts

IDLEB, (ST)- The Turkish regime-backed terrorist groups continue to illegally excavate archeological sites in Idleb southwestern countryside to steal Syrian antiquities and distort its historical places in a bid to eradicate Syria’s historical identity and cultural heritage. 

Local and media sources said that the terrorists of the Turkish-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra terror organization brought in excavation machines as well as tools to detect metal artifacts in Tal Ghannam archeological site in Jisr al-shughour area in the southwestern countryside of Idleb in order to carry out illegal excavations to steal Syrian antiquities and smuggle them to Turkey.

 The sources added that the terrorists also kidnapped a number of civilians from the area and forced those civilians to assist them in finding out the artifacts and selling them to Turkish brokers so that the terrorists can fund their criminal activities. The illegal excavations in Tal Ghannam archeological site led to its destruction, the sources pointed out.

In a statement to SANA, Director General of Antiquities and Museums, Dr. Mahmoud Hammoud, said that all the archaeological sites that are under the control of terrorist groups in Idlib province, Afrin and Aleppo are being plundered by Turkish-backed terrorists who conduct illegal excavations with heavy machinery to look for and loot archaeological treasures and to undermine the great Syrian heritage and civilization.

Led and ordered by Turkish, American and French archaeologists and excavation experts, terrorist groups in Syria, during the years of the terrorist war on the country, have illegally excavated Syrian archaeological sites and stolen many finds aiming at destroying and undermining the Syrian cultural heritage.  These illegal acts constitute a war crime that is added to other crimes committed against the Syrian people and history by hostile regimes, mainly the Turkish and US regimes. 

Hamda Mustafa