On Syrian Press Day, journalists vow continuous work to confront West's heinous propaganda against Syria

DAMASCUUS, (ST)-The Syrian journalists are celebrating today their 14th Press Day with stronger determination to go ahead with continuous work to confront the heinous propaganda being waged on Syria in the military, economic, media and cultural fields.

In a statement marking Press Day, the Cabinet saluted the Syrian media and journalist who proved their high sense of responsibility and who, like other Syrian citizens offered sacrifices to defend Syria's sovereignty and independence, through conveying the truth about the heinous war that has been targeting Syria politically, militarily and economically.

Minister of Information Imad Sara congratulated the Syrian journalists who despite difficult circumstances  have  shouldered a great responsibility in the light of the political, economic and intellectual terrorism being practiced against their  homeland.

 He said that the national media is working hard to uncover the disinformation and distortion being practiced by Main Stream Media and mercenary journalists to undermine Syria and weaken the steadfastness of the Syrian people.

"As national media, we have to confront these disinformation attempts and uncover the terrorism that has been targeting Syria by the West and its terrorist tools.

Hamda Mustafa