Hasaka: Turkish occupation forces renew cutting off drinking water for about million people

Hasaka (ST):  Turkish occupation forces and their terrorist mercenaries are pressing ahead with  their violations against the citizens of Hasaka city through cutting off drinking water in Hasaka city, manipulation in Allouk water station and reducing the number of wells and pumps.

In a statement, the General Director of Hasaka Water Establishment Mahmud Okla said that the Turkish occupation forces and their mercenary terrorists halted the  pumping of drinking water in Allouk station, which threatens the lives of about one million people who depend on the station in ensuring drinking water as it is the only source for it.

Okla pointed out that the Turkish occupation intentionally reduced the number of running wells to 8 instead of 20 and operated only one pump instead of 6  which led to a decrease in the amount of water pumped to the main water tanks.

He added that the Turkish forces also prevented workers of the establishment from entering the station for repair works to operate the station to  its normal capacity.

Earlier, the Turkish occupation and its mercenary terrorists had attacked Allouk water station several times causing the deprivation of Hasaka citizens from drinking water.