US occupation forces bring new enforcements into Hasaka to establish new illegitimate base

Hasaka (ST): The US occupation forces have brought in military ammunition and logistical materials into the agricultural airport in al-Ya’rubiyeh area in Hasaka Countryside in an attempt to establish a new illegitimate military base in a new violation of international law and norms.

Local sources said that a convoy comprising six armored vehicles  accompanied by  military trucks affiliated to the US occupation forces and a lorry loaded with unknown materials entered the agricultural airport in the vicinity of the grain silos of Tel Ello in the northern al-Ya’rubiyeh countryside to the east of Hasaka.

The sources added that the US occupation forces wanted to change the agricultural airport into a new illegitimate base in the region.

Last month, the US occupation forces brought in thousands of lorries loaded with ammunition and logistical equipment into Hasaka city through the illegitimate crossings to enhance its illegal existence in the Jezira region with the aim of plundering the Syrian oil and resources in collaboration with the terrorist groups stationed there.