Arab tribes and clans in Syria call for unifying the rank against US and Turkish occupation forces

The Council of Syrian Tribes and Clans have called for unifying the rank against the US and Turkish occuoation forces. 
They said in a statement released on Thursday that the US occupation forces work on fermenting sedition among the Arab tribes in the region through assassinating some of the dignitaries of the Arab tribes in Der Ezzour province. 
" This dirty and cheap way is an attemp by the US occupation to ferment sedition among the Arab tribes in the region and to damage the compoments of the Syrian society," the statement said, indicating that what the US occupation has done in Iraq is the worst example in US criminal history. 
The statement called on the Arab and Kurdish people of Der Ezzour to escalate their popular resistance against the US occupation forces that came to Syria to loot its wealth. 
Earlier, the Shareebin tribe in Hasaka province called on the Arab tribes and clans to unify to expel all the occupation forces from all the Syrian territories that are spreading chaos and sowing seeds of sedition through assassination of tribal and national figures.
The Sharabeen tribe , in a statement by its Sheikh Nawaf Saleh Al-Bashar, condemned targeting symbols of
al- Akidat and Bakara tribes in Deir Ezzor Governorate, which strikes national tribe’s fabric and national unity, affirming its solidarity with the two tribes to return security and safety to al-Jazeera and preserving the national and social fabric.
“We are against those terrorist practices that result in chaos which is spread by the foreign presence in the region, the sons of Arab tribes and clans must stand together to expel every foreign occupier from the Syrian Arab Republic and let the Syrians resolve their causes “the statement added.
Basma Qaddour