ICSFT: Silence on sanctions being imposed on Syria is a crime against humanity

Chairman of the International Council Supporting Fair Trial and Human Rights (ICSFT) Dr. Abdul Hameed Abbas Dashti has called for lifting the unilateral and coercive measures being imposed on Syria.

In a letter he sent to the UN organizations and the WHO and the Red Cross, Dr. Dashti said that silence on these measures amid the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic is a crime against humanity.

“At a time when the Coronavirus pandemic spreads rapidly at world level and in Syria, the continuity of silence on these measures against Syria makes the situation worse and constitutes a crime against humanity,” he said.

Dr.  Dashti called on the ICSFT to play an active role in convincing the European Union and the United States to remove these measures that violate the UN charter.

He also appealed to the WHO and other world countries to offer immediate health aid to Syria to fight the coronavirus, stressing that the people f Syria suffer from the biggest-ever crime.

Basma Qaddour