US-backed militia opens fire on protesters in Syria’s Der Ezzour, wounding 3 civilians

DER EZZOUR, (ST)_ At least 3 civilians were wounded when the US-backed “Syrian Democratic Forces” militia opened fire on protesters in al-Hwayej town in the eastern Der Ezzour countryside.

The town’s residents protested today against the presence of the US occupation forces in Syria and against the assassination of one of the dignitaries of alK’edat tribe.

Moreover, there was a protest against the SDF militia in Jadid Akidat and Theban towns in the same province [Der Ezzour].

“The protesters prevented the SDF elements from storming their town and took 7 SDF elements hostage and seized 3 cars affiliated to the militia amid tension in the vicinity of the town,” according to the Syrian News Agency (SANA).

The agency added that the SDF militia [Its Arabic Acronym is QASAD] killed a protester in Theban town.   

Yesterday, the residents of Theban village, eastern Deir Al-Zour, demonstrated against the US-backed SDF militia’s crimes and practices.

The countryside of Deir Al-Zour is witnessing renewed demonstrations by the residents who protest against the SDF militia’s attacks and arrest of people.

Basma Qaddour