National stand in Qamishli city calling for expelling US, Turkish occupations

Hasaka(ST) - Locals in Qamishli staged a national stand on Wednesday demanding through it the human rights organizations to lift unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on Syria, especially the so-called “Caesar Act” and the unjust blockade. They called for expelling the US and Turkish occupation forces from the Syrian territories.

The participants in the stand, in front of the Arab Cultural Center in Qamishli, affirmed their solidarity with the Syrian people and their rallying around the Syrian Arab Army to liberate the homeland from terrorism.They emphasized the need to expel the occupation and reconstruct what has been destroyed by the aggressive war against Syria.

In statements to SANA reporter, Priest Firas Farah demanded  the expulsion of  the US and the Turkish Occupations from Syria, imploring God to protect the country from all haters.

Meanwhile, Watheq al-Akoub, a citizen from Qamishli city, said that he participated in this stand in condemnation of the US and Turkish presence on Syrian lands.

The head of the Cultural Center, Faiza al-Qadri, denounced the presence of occupation forces and the imposing an unjust law targeting the Syrian people in their livelihood and said that, “they have no right to deny us to live in peace and we demand that the Americans and Turks  exit our land.”

Raghda Sawas