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The residents of villages in north Syria stand together to kick out US aggressor

HASAKA, (ST)_ The residents of Rashwaneyeh village in Qameshli area have protested against the presence of the US and Turkish occupation forces in Syria .
According to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), the residents called for the exit of the occupation forces from Syria and for putting an end to the unilateral and coercive measures being imposed on the Syrian people.
The protesters raised the Syrian flag and banners condemning the so-called  "Caesar Act". They also called for preventing the occupation forces from plundering Syria's wealth.
Moreover, the residents burned the US flag, stressing that the national flag is the only flag that represents the dignity of Syrians.
One of the residents, Abdul Hamid Senjar, said: " We, the residents of Rashwaneyeh town, stand by our brothers in all the villages of Qameshli area to kick out the US aggressor .. The racist US steals Syria's oil ignoring human and international laws."
Yesterday, the residents of Dbaneh village in the same area [Qameshli] also protested against the presence of US and Turksih occupation forces in Syria and the sanctions on the homeland.  
Basma Qaddour