Because of Corona- 600 Syrian students and graduates have lost the chance of a scholarship to several countries, specially Russia

Sahar Al-Fahoum, Deputy Minister of Higher Education for Scientific Research Affairs affirmed that Coronavirus has greatly affected students on scholarship and has also had an effect on students already on scholarship as all scholarships have come to a stop.

Fahoum estimated the number of those area waiting their scholarships to  them  to Russia, and the Hungaria in addition to the forthcoming scholarships to (Egypt and Cuba), are more than 600 students at various stages of university study, including masters and doctorates.

Al-Fahoum mentioned the return of more than 100 students from India due to the implications of Corona virus, explaining that higher education when conditions improve and travel is available  between countries, all cases separately, thus deciding on all scholarships.

Haifaa Mafalani