The Children's Sun Festival in Lattakia

With a variety of artistic events hosted by Dar Al-Assad Theater for Culture in Lattakia, the activities of the “children's Sun” festival started its second session, which includes various cultural, artistic and theatrical activities.

The opening ceremony of the festival, which was organized by "Al-Qabbani Group" for Theatrical and Musical Arts in cooperation with the directorates of culture, theaters and music, included various artistic ballet dances, rhythmic gymnastics, Zumba, expressive dances, solo play on oud, organ and violin, songs and a documentary film.

There were also special workshops for the children before the beginning of the four-day festival. These workshops were on coloring and decorating walls and they were supervised by writers and artists.

The festival's Director Louay Shana told the Syrian News Agency (SANA) that the goal of the event is to put a smile on the faces of children who have suffered a lot during the ongoing terrorist war on their country.

On her part, the director of the opening ceremony, "Ghada Ismail," said: " For more than one month before holding the festival,  we had shown activities and workshops in various artistic fields that attracted many children to come to the opening ceremony.. We cooperated with a number of sports and art clubs."

The festival honored a number of writers, playwrights, and actors in Syria, including the late writer and director “Adnan Goda”, the theater director “Ali AlaaAldeen”, the actor and director “Muhammad KhairAlaiwi”, the director of the children's theater “Bassam Nasser”, the director of the child’s culture “MalakYassin” and actress “Tamadar Ghanem".

Bassam Nasser, director of the Children's Theater cited that the directorate of culture seeks to hold similar festivals in all governorates with the aim of rehabilitating children who have suffered from the ongoing war on Syria.

Lama Razzouq