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The Russian Ministry of Defense: an attack by terrorists has been thwarted

The Russian Ministry of Defense thwarted an attack by terrorist organizations    deployed in Idlib area.

The director of the Russian Coordination Center in Hmeimim, Alexander Sherpetsky, said that the air defense means at the Hmeimim base detected yesterday evening, drones sent by terrorist organizations deployed in Idlib countryside that  were approaching the base area from the northeast direction.

Sherpetsky added that the air defense at the base destroyed two drones of terrorist organizations "equipped with combat ammunition 5 kilometers from the base," noting that there were no injuries or material damage to the base .


The anti-air forces have thwarted over the past months dozens of attack attempts by terrorist groups on the safe areas and villages in  Lattakia countryside and Hmeimim base by drones loaded with bombs from the depth of terrorists deployment in Idlib countryside.

Sanaa Hasan