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China: OPCW’s vote on alleged use of chemical weapons in al-Latamenah will lead to politicizing the Organization

The Hague(ST):  The Chinese mission at the Organization of the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has affirmed that the OPCW’s vote on the resolution regarding the alleged use of chemical weapons in al-Latamena area in Hama governorate in March 2017 would create more divisions and confrontations among the member states and would lead to the politicizing of the Organization.

The Chinese News Agency quoted the Chinese mission as saying in a speech made during the OPCW’s executive council meeting that any investigation into the possibility of using chemical weapons in Syria  should be objective, comprehensive and unbiased, noting that China affirmed, since the forming of the so-called the “Investigation and Identification Team”,  that it was formed beyond the authorization of the agreement of banning chemical weapons.

The mission added that the Team’s methodology of work and measures contradict the agreement and its formation does not reflect a fair geographical distribution.

The mission went on to say that the technical secretariat of the OPCW should follow the agreement strictly and commit to the spirit of objectivity, neutrality and independence.

The Executive Council of  the OPCW voted for a Western draft resolution that supports the conclusions of the so-called the Investigation and Identification Team regarding the allegation of using chemical weapons in al-Latamenah area, Hama governorate in March 2017.

China, Russia and Iran voted against the resolution while 29 states voted in favor of it with nine states abstained.