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Indian Ambassador: Both Syria and India are victims of heinous terrorism

The Indian Ambassador in Damascus, Dr. Hifzur Rahman, has described the relation between India and Syria as friendly, solid and deeply-rooted, stressing that the two countries represent two ancient civilizations.

“When we look at the history of our relations we find that India and Syria have been linked to each other by social, economic, cultural, scientific and academic ties and in contemporary history the two countries witnessed great development in coordination at the highest level, which played a major role in expanding all-out cooperation,” Dr. Hifzur Rahman said in a statement to “al-Watan Online” newspaper published on Thursday.

He added that the bilateral relations kept strong between the two countries during the past nine years of war on Syria. India has adopted a principled position in support of resolving the crisis in Syria through a comprehensive political process led by the Syrians not through military intervention.

 He pointed out that India respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic, noting that India kept its Embassy in Damascus open even during the hardest times of the crisis.

He expressed his country’s deep concern over the military aggression launched by the Turkish regime against Syria's northeastern region on October 2019, pointing out that the Indian government has called on the Turkish regime to respect Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Hifzur Rahman asserted that Syria throughout history has supported India's stances at international and regional forums, affirming that India highly appreciates the Syrian leadership's support for the Indian government in its war on terrorism across the borders, stressing that "both Syria and India are victims of heinous terrorism which poses a threat to the entire humanity."

To further stress his country's continuous and firm support for Syria, the Indian ambassador said that a few days ago, New Delhi sent a shipment of medical aid that contained 10 tons of vaccines and various necessary medicines, hoping that this humanitarian aid will contribute to the Syrian government's efforts to combat the spread of the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

He pointed out that early this year, a team of Indian professional specialists visited Damascus to install prosthetics to more than 500 Syrians who were wounded in the war.

During the past two years, India also offered scholarships to Syrian students within a program called "Studying in India", he said, pointing out that more than a thousand Syrian students have benefitted from this gift and studied different specializations in the most famous Indian universities.

The Indian diplomat went on to say that several cooperation agreements were due to be signed within the framework of the third meeting of the joint Syrian-Indian committee which, unfortunately, wasn't held because of coronavirus crisis.

Hamda Mustafa