Syrian lawyers: "Caesar Act" is a new episode of conspiracy against Syria

Damascus (ST): A number of Syrian lawyers have affirmed that Caesar Act is an international crime and a new episode of conspiracy against Syria that targets the Syrian people through besieging them economically and depriving them from good living conditions.

Secretary of the Bar Association Firas al-Fares referred to the crucial role played by the association in resisting the so-called Caesar Act and its coercive measures, stressing that this act runs contrary to the UN Charter and it will be doomed to failure as was the case with other illegal measures the US tried to impose on other countries.


Lawyer Osama Abu al-Fadel said that this notorious Act can be classified as a war crime because it harms people's right to life and endangers their living conditions.

Lawyer Mustafa Mleihan said that the ill-famed Act contradicts the UN charter which provides for respecting the sovereignty of states, pointing out that it aims to put more pressure on Syria and impose political dictations on it.

Lawyer Ahmad al-Nabelsi said that this act is unprecedented in history and that it represents the ugliest kind of injustice,  because it targets people who have suffered from terrorism for ten years, noting that neither the US nor any other state has the right to interfere in Syria's internal affairs.

In turn, lawyer Ra'ed al-Akkad affirmed that the so-called Caesar Act aims at weakening the strong will and determination of the Syrian people who have been subjected to unfair sanctions for years.

Lawyer Jamil al-Houshan said that the this Act targets the Syrian people's food and medicine in addition to the sanctions imposed on the Syrian Central Bank which constitutes a flagrant violation of the UN Charter.

Earlier, the Syrian Bar Association issued a statement in which it affirmed that this notorious Act constitutes a flagrant violation of the UN Charter calling on international legal organizations to interfere and halt this unilateral measure and its adverse consequences on the life of Syrian people.