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US-backed militia continues to prevent workers of Electrical and Grain Companies in Hasaka from offering services to citizens

HASAKA, (ST)_ The US -backed "Syrian Democraric Forces" militia continues to prevent employees of the General Electricity Company of Hasaka and the Syrian Grain Corporation from entering their workplaces in Al-Nashwa and Ghuwairan neighborhoods after seizing the two buildings by the force of arms.
The Syrian News Agency (SANA)  said that for the 11th day running , dozens of workers gathered in front of their workplaces, stressing the need to ensure offering services to the locals.
The workers  insist on returning to their work, the agency added , citing that practices of “SDF" militia are provocative and aim to serve external agendas.
The workers renewed their determination to gather in front of their workplaces daily until returning to work, demanding the SDF militia to get out from the workplaces, as they are service institutions.
Director General of Hasaka Electricity Company, Eng. Anwar Okla, affirmed that the workers will continue to implement  their stand representing the daily working hours in front of their headquarters until the entire building is restored , pointing out that these pratices by SDF negatively affected the work through impeding offering service to citizens.
Basma Qaddour