US occupation brings military and logistic reinforcements to Hasaka

Hasaka (ST): In a new violation of the international laws and norms, the US occupation forces have brought military and logistic fortifications from Iraq to the Syria through one of the illegitimate crossings.

 Local sources from al-Ya’rubia area in Hasaka countryside told news reporter that the US occupation brought 27 trucks from the Iraqi territories through the illegitimate crossing of al-Walid into the Syrian territories, adding that the trucks include military vehicles and closed refrigerators. The sources pointed out  that the trucks headed for the illegitimate base of Qasreq Tal Beider.

Throughout the past months, the US occupation forces have brought thousands of the lorries loaded with military and logistic equipment to Hasaka city to boost their illegitimate existence in the Syrian al-Jazira region and to loot the oil and mineral resources in cooperation and complicity with their tools of armed groups and terrorists whom they support.