Thirst threatens about one million citizens in Hasaka as Turkish occupation stops the water pump

Al-Hasakah, (ST) - The Turkish occupation forces continue their inhuman violations against the people of the city of Hasaka and the population regions in the western countryside by controlling the water pump station in Alouk plant and using water as a weapon against the people and threatening the lives of about one million people, especially that the station is the major and only source for providing people there with drinking water.

In summer and with the high temperatures in Hasaka province and the increasing need for water, the Turkish occupation forces, in cooperation with their terrorist mercenaries, cut off the water and stopped pumping from the wells station Aluk several times, the last of which was yesterday in what can be described as a crime against humanity.

The people of the city of Hasaka expressed their anger at  these criminal measures being pursued by the Turkish occupation forces in the northern countryside of Hasaka. A young man, Ragheb, from the people of Gweran district, said that cutting off water by the Turkish occupier is a sinister crime against humanity, and international and relief organizations must intervene to stop such practices. The people of the city demand that Alouk water station stay out of these disputes, as stopping  the work of the pump threatens the lives of thousands of people in Hasaka governorate.

Ragheb continued by saying that “ today is the eighth that the Gweran district’s locals  live without water, and there is great suffering in other districts from the same problem that started with the Turkish occupation of  the station, pointing to the necessity of  operating the water station again  and delivering water to the people.

Ali from the residents of Al-Masaken district sees that the delivery of water is one of the biggest problems facing them and has become a grief for them in light of the high temperatures and the crazy increase in the prices of mineral water and the exploitation of the sellers’ need of citizens for water.

Khaled from the Aziziyah district explains the suffering of the parents in securing water, which has become an additional and financial burden in light of relying on water transport tanks from the private sector, which recently led to the emergence of cases of diarrhea among children, as this water is from an unknown source, calling for the need to find a quick solution to this tragedy.

Director of Water Establishment, Engineer Mahmoud al-Okleh noted that over the current week, the Turkish occupation forces deployed in the area have stopped the work at Alouk water three times by preventing its employees from entering the plant, and stopping the water pumping to the locals which led to a big suffering in Hasaka city center and the surrounding neighborhoods and in the western countryside.

Eng. al-Okleh underlined the necessity to allow the workers to enter the plant and re-operate it and for not using the water as a weapon to exert pressure against the locals.

Raghda Sawas