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“QASD” groups continue to prevent employees from entering their workplace in the Electric Company and the Grain Corporation

Al- Hasaka, (ST) - For the fifth consecutive day, US occupation-backed QASD (SDF) groups continued to prevent employees of the General Electricity Company and the Grain Corporation from entering and fulfilling their jobs in the district of al-Nashwa and Ghweran in the city of al-Hasaka .

In a stamen to SANA Eng. Anwar Okleh asked that workers be allowed to return to their workplaces in the company and continue to provide all services as usual. He added that the company's workshops, despite all the circumstances, continue their work, especially with regard to repairing faults on Power transmission lines and switching centers.

In the same context, SANA reporter pointed out that the “SDF” groups have brought in military reinforcements and sent it to the company’s headquarters to prevent workers from entering and tightening their guard at the doors.

The reporter stated that the workers insist on recovering the entire headquarters that were seized. They also stressed the necessity of the exit of those groups supported by the American occupation from the region, adding that they will continue to work and sit in on a daily basis in front of their work headquarters.

Raghda Sawas