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The American occupation continues to violate international laws and establish an illegal military airport in al-Yarubiya area of al-Hasaka countryside

Al-Hasakah, (ST) - The American occupation forces have established a new illegal base for them,  by building a military airport in Al-Yarubiya area of Hasaka countryside, to enhance its illegal presence on the Syrian Al-Jazeera region, in line with its plans to steal oil, Syrian underground resources and major crops.

Civil sources from al-Hasakah countryside told SANA that the American occupation forces had established a new military airport to reinforce its illegal presence in the Syrian Al-Jazeera region in the area between Umm Kahif village and Tel Alograin silos, 8 km south of the countryside of Al-Yarubiya city.

The sources added that the American occupation forces and "SDF" groups are sending equipment and logistical materials.

In a related context, civil sources told SANA correspondent that a convoy of the American occupation forces consisting of 10 trucks loaded with military and logistical reinforcements accompanied by eight military vehicles headed to the illegal Tel Baidar base in the northern countryside of al-Hasaka, indicating that the convoy was coming from Qamishli in order to strengthen and increase the fortifications within the base.

During the past few months, the American occupation forces have sent thousands of trucks loaded with weapons and military and logistical equipment into Al-Hasakah through illegal crossings to reinforce their illegal presence in the Syrian island region and to steal oil and other wealth of the country in cooperation with its tools from those who support them in those areas.

Raghda Sawas