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Soussan criticizes Brussels International Donors' Conference, says terrorism supporters can't claim that they want to help the Syrians

Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Ayman Sussan has stressed that those who have been supporting terrorism in Syria, shedding the blood of the Syrians and destroying their achievements and infrastructure can't claim that they want to help the Syrian people. He has also stressed that the only assistance these parties can provide to Syria is to stop conspiring against it, to respect its sovereignty and not to interfere in its internal affairs.

 Soussan made the remarks in a statement to the local "al-Watan Online" newspaper commenting on the so-called Brussels International Donors' Conference regarding the Syrian refugees and displaced persons. The event, which kicked off on Tuesday, is organized by the European Union in cooperation with the United Nations.

"Such conferences that are held about Syria without Syria's invitation,  confirm the hostile positions of the organizing countries and their complicity in the conspiracy hatched against Syria, so we do not pay any attention to them," Soussan said, asking "how can such an event discusses a topic concerning Syria in the absence of the Syrian government?"

The assistant minister made it clear that through such conferences, the organizing countries want to wash their hands of the blood of the  Syrians under a humanitarian guise.

Holding the Brussels International Donors' Conference coincides with the tightening of the European and American coercive measures against Syria and the imposition of the so-called "Caesar Act".

Regarding this topic, Soussan asked "how do they want to help the Syrian people and, at the same time, impose economic sanctions that negatively affect the livelihood of Syrians?"

"Those who impose sanctions on Syria and who have prevented the country from securing the medical infrastructure necessary to face coronavirus epidemic can't claim that they want to help Syria and Syrians. The humanitarian guise they claim in these circumstances is a mask to hide their destructive role in Syria and to cover up their responsibility for the suffering of millions of Syrians," Soussan added.

He concluded by saying that the Syrians who stood up to global conspiracy and defeated takfiri terrorism are hopefully able, with their own resources and unity between the people and their state, to protect the national economy and secure their needs."

Hamda Mustafa