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Demonstrations continue in Hamou village in Qameshli against Turkish and US occupation and the so-called “Caesar Act”

HASAKA, (ST)- Popular protests condemning the aggressive acts of the Turkish and American occupation forces and rejecting the so-called “Caesar Act” continued in Hamou village in Qameshli of Hasaka province.

The demonstrators chanted slogans and lifted placards condemning the US and Turkish occupation’s aggressive practices and rejecting the US “Caesar Act” which is a new American aggression against the Syrians. They called for joining national efforts to turn this unfair economic siege into an incentive to work hard to alleviate its negative impacts, SANA reporter in Hasaka said.

The slogans also glorified the heroic deeds of the Syrian Arab army and the steadfastness of the Syrian people in the face of the war targeting Syria.

 Hasan al-Hweit , a citizen from the village, told SANA that he condemns the coercive economic measures that directly target the Syrians and affect their vital sectors, particularly health, stressing that these measures won’t break the Syrians’ will to continue confronting the global terrorism that has hit their country.

On her part, Winseh Saleh al-Ezzo affirmed her rejection of the illegal presence of the US and Turkish forces in Syria and expressed her condemnation of the economic siege.

Hamda Mustafa