Weapons, ammunition, left by terrorists before their defeat, found in Syria's southern region

DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE, (ST)- Huge amount of weapons and ammunition, left by terrorists before their defeat, were found in Damascus Countryside and Syria's southern region during mopping up operations in the areas liberated from terrorism.

Some of the weapons are Western-made ones.

A source from concerned authorities told SANA that the seized weapons included machine guns, Dushka machine guns, PKCs, RPG launchers, hand grenades, sniper rifles, military guns, advanced anti-armor missiles, advanced communication devices, night vision binoculars and thousands of bullets in addition to a large quantity of narcotic substances.

The source pointed out that cooperation with the locals as well as monitoring and follow-up operations have led to arresting a group of terrorists who have links to foreign parties that smuggle materials used for making explosive devices. Huge amounts of explosives were also found, the source added.

Hamda Mustafa