"Hands off Syria" initiative urges peoples and governments of the world to act against "Caesar Act"

 VIENNA, (ST)- "Hands off Syria – Alliance against the Imperialist War" initiative has condemned the unilateral coercive measures and the criminal siege imposed by Western countries on the Syrian people.

"Tightening the siege on Syria through implementing the so-called Caesar Act, which was based on a lie and propaganda, contradicts the sovereignty of the international law, the initiative said in a statement on Friday. It condemned the war imposed on Syria by the United States, the NATO member states and Israel and their affiliated gangs.

 The statement called for an immediate lifting of all forms of siege imposed on Syria and other countries, affirming that the United States doesn't behave like a civilized country, rather, it practices violence and terrorism against all the countries that reject its policies.

The statement urged the peoples and governments of the world to adopt an effective stance against Caesar Act and stop supporting terrorist gangs wherever they are.

 Hamda Mustafa