Education Ministry holds Turkish regime responsible for terrorists' attempts to prevent students in Idleb from taking their exams

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The Syrian Ministry of Education has strongly condemned the continuous attempts by Turkish- backed terrorist groups to prevent students in the Syrian province of Idleb from leaving to Hama in order to take the basic education and high school general exams which kick off on Sunday.

 An official source at the ministry told SANA that the Turkish regime-backed terrorists have attacked the drivers of the buses that gathered to transport the students to Hama, holding the Turkish regime completely responsible for preventing the students from taking their exams.

The source made it clear that starting from its keenness on the future of the Syrian students and the continuity of the education process, the Syrian government has completed all preparations to help the students residing in terrorist-held areas take their exams, but the terrorist takfiri groups have blocked this process and prevented the students from going to the areas where exam centers have been prepared.

 The source pointed out that the terrorists' oppressive practices continue despite all the efforts exerted by the Russian side in this regard.

"The ministry calls on all international organizations concerned in education, mainly UNESCO, to put pressure on the Turkish regime so as to put an end to the terrorists' practices against thousands of Syrian students," the source added.

Hamda Mustafa