A number of citizens wounded while putting out fires in wheat and barley fields in Ras al-Ein countryside

Hasaka (ST): Several  citizens in the villages of Ras al-Ein countryside, northwest of Hasaka, were injured while they were putting out fires which erupted due to the Turkish regime’s mercenaries of terrorist organizations in their fields.

Local sources told a news reporter that terrorists of the Turkish regime set fire to wheat and barley fields of the villages of Ko’a al-Shallah, al-Nuflih and Rasmah al-Rahjeh, southwest of Ras al-Ein, northwest of Hasaka.

The sources noted that the fires spread to several fields and injured a number of citizens while they were putting out fires that damaged a large area of wheat and barley fields.

On June 14, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation set fire to vast areas of wheat and barley fields in Ras al-Ein and the village of Abu Rasin in the north-western countryside of Hasaka.

The fires of al-Jezira area are part of the systematic policy that has been practiced by Erdogan’s regime and the US occupation forces with the aim of putting more pressure on the Syrian people.