The Family Planting Project in Al-Ghab Region Achieves Self-Sufficiency

The family planting  project, which was  launched by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform three years ago in a number of  provinces ,  is one of the pioneering projects in support of poor families through achieving self-sufficiency  of summer and winter vegetables and selling surplus ones in the local market.

  The project that was implemented in three stages in  Al-Ghab  area began in  2018 and  supported 2030 families there .

The Director of Human Resources at the General Commission  for  Management and Development of Al-Ghab  Eng. Jalal Hanin told SANA  that the family planting  project aims to  improve  families’ living conditions, especially those  of  martyrs, the wounded and  meet  the local market’s needs  of various kinds of  crops.

 He  indicated  that the idea of the project is based on investing the land area attached to the house by planting it with summer and winter vegetables and providing all the production requirements of seeds, irrigation networks and agricultural medicines for free.

Eng. Hanin made it clear that the selection of the beneficiaries of the project depends on  specific conditions such as the financial situation ,  indicating that  top  priority is  given to  the families of the martyrs, the wounded, and those who are the only breadwinners   of their families and the most in need.

On her part, Head of the Rural Women Development Department at the General commission  for  Management and Development of Al-Ghab Eng. Sarab Bshara, indicated that during the  implementation stages of the project  training courses are carried out  for beneficiaries to  train  them on how to install and use the irrigation network in addition to direct supervision of  agricultural operations to the production stage. She called  for  increasing  the number of beneficiary families during  the coming stages of the project.  

In turn,  a number of  beneficiary  women of the project  said  that the grants, which they obtained from the family planting  project in Al-Ghab region,  contributed to ensure their families’ needs of vegetables,  improve their financial conditions ,  encourage   them  to grow their  garden continuously,  and provide  them with a chance to know  the appropriate  steps of cultivation process .. 

Rawaa Ghanam