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Al-Jaafari: U.S. acts against Syria are symptoms of political schizophrenia

Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari, has underscored that the policies of blockade and imposing unilateral and coercive economic measures were and still are part of the western blind traditional polices and the other face of terrorism that shed the blood of the people of Syria.
Addressing the UN Security council via video about the situation in Syria, al-Jaafari said that targeting the Syrian people in their national currency, livelihood, medicine and putting obstacles in front of the State institutes in order to prevent them from  meeting their basic needs and offering public services to citizens refutes western countries' claims of their adherence to humanity. 
The diplomat referred to the trucks from the UN World Food Program which were burned by Lebanese parties while there were on their way to Syria to help relieve the suffering of the Syrian People. 
He pointed out to the US and EU ignorance of the UN and international demands to put an end to the economic, coercive measures imposed on Syria, and their renewal and tightening those measures coincide with the implementation of the so-called “Caesar act” that will soon come into effect.
The statements of James  Jeffrey are a frank recognition by the US administration of its direct responsibility for the suffering of the Syrians… these statements stress once again that the US administration looks at the region through Israeli eyes as Jeffrey’s demands are old Israeli ones,” al-Jaafari said.
He, in addition, cited that the Turkish aggressive acts were embodied by the infiltration of the Turkish Defense minister and Interior Minister into the Syrian province of Idleb, exploiting the calm situation that prevailed there after the Moscow Agreement and reinforcing the presence of the Turkish occupation forces and their agent terrorist organizations there. In addition to that, the Turkish regime has sought to substitute the Syrian national currency for Turkish currency in the areas they are occupying and in an attempt to impose Turkification on these areas.
Al-Jaafari added that Syria sent an official complaint two weeks ago to the UN General Secretary and to President of the Security Council against governments, some of them are member states and on top the US, Britain, France and Turkey which haven’t only backed over the past nine years the multi-national terrorist organizations, but have also resorted to the direct military interference in Syria.
The permanent representative clarified that Syria, in the sent complaint has called for putting an end to the aggressive foreign interference in Syria and obligating all the member states to refrain from practices that aim at undermining the independence, track of the political process or affect the interests and choices of the Syrian people and the safety and stability of Syria.
Al-Jaafari concluded by saying: "When the United States daily steals 200.000 barrels of oil from the Syrian oil fields, 400.000 tons of cotton, 5.000.000 sheep and sets fire to thousands of hectares of wheat fields, and deliberately weakening the value of the Syrian pound, and when it imposes coercive economic measures aiming to choke the Syrian people and occupying parts of the Syrian lands, and when the US representative expresses her concern over the deteriorating situation of the Syrian citizen's living conditions the logical question will be : are not these acts the symptoms of political schizophrenia? ; does not that indicate to an acute disease?"
Basma Qaddour