Turkish occupation’s mercenaries set fire to large areas of wheat and barley fields in the RasAl-Ain countryside

Al-Hasakah( ST)  - Mercenaries of the Turkish occupation of the terrorist organizations continued their criminal and terroristic  practices against the locals, and they burned wheat and barley fields in villages in the Ras Al-Ain region in the northern countryside of Hasaka in implementation of the Turkish aggressive policies towards the Syrian people.

Civil sources indicated to SANA reporter that the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation from the terrorist organizations started setting fire to large areas of wheat and barley fields in the villages of FarisahSalhiyeh, and Tal Thalaj in the southwestern side of Ras Al-Ain in the northern Hasaka countryside.

The sources pointed out that the aim behind this criminal act is to make hundreds of thousands of people in the Syrian Al-Jazeera region fall into poverty and starvation and empty the Syrian basket of its goods, especially wheatthe matter which amounts to a level of war crime added to other crimes committed by those occupation forces against Syrians and their country.

The fire that broke out in the agricultural lands in the Ras Al-Ain region of Hasaka yesterday destroyed about 1,000 dunums planted with wheat and burned a number of citizens' houses.

Raghda Sawas