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Al-Dardara locals along with the army checkpoint intercept US occupation convoy in Tal Tamir

Al-Hasakah,(ST)-In the context of the growing rejection of the presence of the American occupation forces in the Al-Jazirah region, the residents of the village of Al-Dardara and a checkpoint for the Syrian Arab Army intercepted a convoy of military vehicles for the American occupation forces and forced it to return in Tal Tamr district northwest of Hasaka.

SANA’s reporter said that the army personnel at the checkpoint intercepted a convoy of vehicles for the US occupation in al-Dardara village while a number of the village locals gathered and they threw stones at the occupation’s vehicles and they prevented them from passing and forced them to return to where they come from.

Since the occupation forces established their illegal bases, the people of a number of villages in Hasaka countryside have confronted, with the support of members of the Syrian Arab Army, many convoys of the occupation while trying to move between villages and towns near their areas of deployment and forced them to leave and return from where they came after throwing stones at them amid chanting slogans that affirm rejection of the presence of the US occupation troops on the Syrian territory.

Haifaa Mafalani