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Syria and Russia: The United States continues to prevent the provision of humanitarian assistance to the displaced Syrians in Rukban Camp

The Syrian and Russian Coordinating Commissions on the return of Syrian displaced people have confirmed that the United States of America continues to prevent the provision of humanitarian assistance through the United Nations to the displaced Syrians in  al-Rukban Camp in the US-occupied Al-Tanfarea, which could lead to a severe outbreak of infections  of  Covid -19.

The two Commissions said in a joint statement on June 9 that the United States continues to destabilize Syria and prevent the return of citizens to their homes, noting that the humanitarian problems in the Rakban Camp continue as the US-controlled militants continue to forcibly detain Syrian civilians.


The statement added that the situation remains difficult in the US-occupied Al-Tanf and northeast Syria , which is exacerbated by the epidemic of the new Coronavirus.

The two Commissions stressed that the lack of qualified medical care, individual protection equipment and examinations in conditions of high people density  for the displaced living in unsanitary conditions can lead to severe outbreaks of Covid -19 infections.

Thousands of Syrians displaced by terrorism live under difficult conditions, like lack of health care, food and water, in light of their detention by the American occupation forces and its terrorist militias that are illegal in the Al-Tanf area and that prevent them from leaving the camp through the humanitarian corridors that were opened by the Syrian and Russian sides since last year.


O. al-Mohammad