The American occupation sends a convoy of logistical equipment from Iraq to the countryside of Hasaka

 The American occupation forces sent today a convoy of vehicles loaded with materials and logistical reinforcements coming from Iraq into Syrian lands through one of the illegal crossings, as a new violation of international laws and norms.

Civil sources from Al-Yarubiya area of Hasaka countryside told SANA reporter that the American occupation forces sent an illegal convoy through the Al-Walid crossing point into the Syrian territories with 50 trucks, tankers and refrigerators along with oil tanks accompanied by a number of Hummers-  armored vehicles.


During the past few months, the American occupation forces have sent thousands of trucks loaded with weapons and military and logistical equipment into Al-Hasakah through illegal crossings to reinforce their illegal presence in the Syrian Jazeera region and to steal oil and Syrian underground resources.

Inas Abdulkareem