Infighting renewed among Turkish occupation’s mercenaries in the west of Abu Rasin in Hasaka countryside

Infighting among Turkish regime-backed terrorist mercenaries in the occupied villages of Abu Rasin area in Hasaka northwestern countryside has renewed causing casualties among rival terrorist groups.

According to local sources, infighting erupted again among terrorists affiliated to Turkish-backed Sultan Murad, al-Hamzat and Ahrar al-Sharqiya terror groups in Bab al-Kheir and Um Oshbeh in the countryside of Abu Rasin over seizing agricultural lands and distributing the crops after displacing the locals.

Mercenaries of the Turkish occupation continue to capture agricultural lands. They harvest and steal the crops and prevent the farmers from working in their fields.

 The Turkish occupation forces, through their mercenaries, continue to steal wheat production in the occupied villages, seize the homes of citizens and impose levies on owners of agricultural land that amount to 15 percent of crops. 

Hamda Mustafa