Anti-tank missiles, US-made weapons, ammunition, left by terrorists, found in Syria's southern region

 Authorities on Monday found in Syria’s southern region anti-tank missiles and a big quantity of different weapons, including US-made ones, in addition to more than half a million bullets, that were left by terrorists upon their defeat.

In a statement to SANA reporter, a source from the authorities said that within the framework of operations to clear the liberated areas from the remnants of terrorism, the authorities found a huge quantity of light and medium weapons as well as ammunitions, including American rifles and anti-tanks missiles.

According to the source, the found weapons included 23mm machineguns,  various automatic rifles including US-made M16 rifles, night-vision and regular binoculars, communication devices, anti-tank missiles, RPG rounds and hundreds of kilograms of hashish.

The found items also included more than half a million bullets for machineguns and assault rifles in addition to anti-tank landmines, the reporter added.

The seized weapons prove the huge support being provided by countries sponsoring terrorism, for the terrorist organizations in Syria.

 On May 23, authorities also found a huge quantity of weapons and ammunition during mopping up operations in the areas liberated from terrorism the western countryside of Daraa.

Hamda Mustafa