Operating two train journeys from Tartus to Lattakia, taking precautions to tackle Coronavirus

Tartus,(ST)-This morning, two train journeys to Latakia started from the train station in Tartous, after the decision to resume train trips and universities that were suspended due to the precautionary measures to tackle the Coronavirus.

Dr. Mudar Al-Araj, Director of the Syrian Railways Branch in Tartous, said that the first flight started at six o'clock in the morning and the return will be at two thirty in the afternoon and the second trip will start at seven in the morning and return will be at three thirty in the afternoon, stating that the price of the card in the first train trip is at  125 pounds and in the second trip costs 100 Syrian pounds.

Al-Araj pointed out that the branch has taken all precautionary measures to tackle the Coronavirus starting from the main door until reaching Lattakia station from measuring the temperature of passengers and sterilizing the hands and luggage of travelers on the main door when entering and heading to the box office where signs were set to indicate Spacing process(Social distancing).

He pointed out that the train is sterilized and cleaned daily before setting off towards Lattakia, in addition to similar procedures at stops in the areas of “Ruwaisa - Marqiyya - Banias - Jableh position - Sharpit - Lattakia” from sterilization and temperature measurement for ascending passengers.

Haifaa Mafalani